Saturday , 18 August 2018


3 Reasons Nordic Walking Can Help You Lose Weight

Nordic walking was initially called ski walking, and this may have had something to do with the fact that this physical activity involves the use of poles that resemble ski poles while you walk. The exercise of Nordic walking originated from the off-season activity that was meant to train skiers, which is called ski walking. Ski walking itself was already in existence for decades as a means for cross-country skiers to train on dry land during the off-season. Observant ski coaches noted a relationship between the victories of cross-country skiers who did the dry land training during the summer and the practice of ski walking. Nordic walking has been established as conditioning your core and upper body, which makes it ... Read More »

How to Do a Cable Trunk Twist

The cable trunk twist is a great exercise that can help strengthen the muscles of the lower back and abdominal region. Be sure to use care when setting up the cable machine in order to achieve optimal results. For an extra kick, try incorporating a Bosu into your workout. About the Cable Trunk Twist The cable trunk twist is a great exercise to add to any workout. This exercise is specifically designed to strengthen the abdominal and oblique muscles, but can also add muscle tone and increased strength to the muscles of the lower back. This is a great exercise for people who are looking for a new type of abdominal workout, are trying to recover from a lower back ... Read More »