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9 Foods That Should Be in Your Fridge

The journey you take to achieve weight loss and weight maintenance success is a long, arduous one, not easily navigated. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and support from friends and family. However, there are certain steps you can take to make reaching your wellness goals a little easier. One of the biggest steps you can take is to always be prepared ahead of time. Stack the deck in your favor by stocking your fridge and freezer with healthy essentials so you have the ingredients for a variety of nutritious meals and snacks right at your disposal. In Your Fridge 1. Eggs They’re economical, convenient and packed with hunger-squelching protein. Even though some old refrigerators have those cute, ... Read More »

3 Exercises Targeted to Burn Belly Fat

If you want to burn belly fat, there is no better way to go about this than by simple, hard work in the form of good, old-fashioned exercise. Belly fat is a more colloquial name for what is really abdominal obesity, or in a more clinical sense, central obesity. When your body accumulates a certain amount of belly fat, the resulting effect is seen in a swelling waist size, and consequently, the need to buy larger-size pants. Since there is also a proven connection between the accumulation of belly fat and the morbidity involved with cardiovascular disease, you should really do everything in your power to burn off your central obesity before it becomes too much of an irreversible problem. ... Read More »

How Eating Sweet Potatoes Can Help You Lose Weight

While you may be aware of the numerous health benefits associated with sweet potatoes, chances are that you aren’t aware how sweet potatoes can help you to lose weight. The high amount of dietary fiber, the low calorie content, and the high amount of water all work together to make sweet potatoes a great food if you are trying to lose weight. High Fiber Content One of the main ways that sweet potatoes can help you lose weight is due to their high amount of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is important if you are trying to lose weight for a number of reasons. First, fiber is bulky, meaning that foods that contain high amounts of dietary fiber will take up ... Read More »

3 Reasons Why Eating Breakfast

Breakfast is an extremely important part of the day, especially when you are trying to maintain a healthy weight, or lose weight and keep it off. In fact, there are many more reasons to eat breakfast than there are to skip it. If you want to avoid feeling hungry, deprived and sluggish throughout the day and if you want to lose more weight, then consider these reasons why eating breakfast can help you to shed pounds, increase energy and help to keep you satisfied throughout the day. 1. It Fuels Your Body When you eat breakfast in the morning, you are providing your body with the needed fuel to get through the stresses and activities until lunch time. Since you ... Read More »

How to Do a Cable Chest Fly

The cable chest fly is a great exercise for beginners who are interested in strengthening the muscles in their chest, triceps and shoulders. To add an extra “oomph” to your exercise, you may want to consider including a Bosu. This is guaranteed to make you work harder! About the Cable Chest Fly The cable chest fly is a great exercise that is relatively simple to do and can yield lots of results when performed properly. As the name suggests, this exercise helps to tone and strengthen the muscles in the chest, but also targets the triceps and shoulder muscles. Since the pectoral muscles in the chest are some of the largest in the body, increasing their mass will result in ... Read More »

How to Bench Press

The bench press is an exercise that weightlifters use to help build their chest muscles. There are many different types of bench presses, including a flat bench press, decline press and incline press. Some weightlifters use a barbell to do the exercise, while others prefer to use dumbbells or weight machines. Things You Need Here are some things you may need when you bench press: Weight belt – for back support Weightlifting gloves – for wrist support and to help grip the bar Step 1 – Choose the Bench Press Equipment Decide whether to use free weights or a bench press machine. You may want to start out on a machine until you are comfortable performing the exercise. If you ... Read More »

Is Running Downhill Bad on Your Knees

If you are like many runners, you have probably been told not to run downhill because, “running downhill will hurt your knees.” Contrary to this myth, running downhill is not “bad” for your knees. In fact, your knees need to run downhill in order to get stronger. Running downhill will also help increase your speed and improve your running form. The key to running downhill is to do it correctly, otherwise you could potentially hurt your knees or back. Downhill Improves Turnover Running downhill improves your turnover, which improves your speed. If you run cross country and/or run trail races, you will need the ability to accelerate and decelerate quickly. This is also true if you are a sprinter. Running ... Read More »

8 Natural Mood Boosters

Natural mood-boosters aren’t a replacement for seeing a doctor if you’re depressed, but may be the first line of defense when you’re feeling blue. If you’ve been feeling down lately, you’re not alone. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports that almost 7 percent of Americans suffer from major depressive disorder yearly. Even if you’re not diagnosed with depression but are feeling blue more than usual, natural mood boosters may help. 1. Zinc Getting plenty of zinc in your diet appears to help prevent depression — and may be an effective treatment as well, according to a 2010 review published in Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care . Authors of this review say that zinc deficiency induces ... Read More »

The 10 Easy Steps to Weight Loss

Over the last 20 years, food portions have increased dramatically. As the size of our plates have grown, so has the expectation that the larger amount of food we receive, the better the value. However, taking in larger amounts of food can lead to weight gain, health problems, and expensive health care (e.g. lost time at work, doctor/hospital visits, and medications) – clearly not a value. For easy portion control, use the healthy plate model to plan your meals. The healthy plate provides a filling meal with adequate but not excessive calories – all while balancing your meal and providing good nutrition. To build a healthy plate: Split your plate into quarters. Half of your plate will consist of non-starchy ... Read More »